with LINEARAMA, pia, gosplan, UNO8A | furniture design | 2018

A piece of furniture that is half a shelf, half a dolls' house. Its design is inspired by the sophisticated section of Gino Valle's housing on the Giudecca island (1984).

This object symbolizes for us “the last possible kids' room”, the bedroom where we spent our childhood during the 80s but that we are not likely to design as architects nor to enjoy as parents.

This playful installation aims to loudly states that our generation (as architects as well as citizens) should not give up trying to provide quality houses for everyone.

Gino is a piece of furniture made of colored medium density fiberboard. It has two sides, with different features: one side is a proper shelf, that can host objects of different size and type (books, dvd, kitchen stuffs), the other side is a dolls house. It is composed by vertical and horizontal elements, some of which can be moved in different positions, changing the appearance of the piece of furniture.

Gino's original version has three colours: ocher, grey and violet. The partitions of the shelf are grey, the dolls' house structure is violet while the vertical panel dividing the two parts is ocher.

Thanks to its manifold concept, Gino can be placed in each room of the house: it can be a bookshelf in the living room, a cupboard in the dining room or a dolls' house to play or to place toys. It can be a free standing furniture, useful to separate different areas in a unique space. It is a playful object that interacts with its context.


Andrea Anselmo
Gloria Castellini
Filippo Fanciotti
Giovanni Glorialanza
Boris Hamzeian


Unfolding Pavilion 2018

photos by: Anna Positano
sponsored by: ALL WOOD & Special Materials