and the things left unsaid

 OSSA 2018 Workshop | exhibition | Łódź, PL| 2018

Piotrkowskissima is an attempt to go beyond the physicality of the space, abandoning the traditional way of representing the city in favor of a more complex storytelling technique, able to include and remix any available medium.

Our journey towards the vision of the mind began with an urban stroll and with an exercise to represent the a singular urban space, rst individually and then as a collectivity. The outcome led the group to extend this exercise to the whole city, as an attempt to give life to a representation able to tell all the OTHER stories.

The result is an allegorical factory, a stage machinery with all the components a real scenography comprehends: apron (proscenium), wings, background, legs and border. The background - together with the wings - o ers an inhedit view of Piotrkowska, the main artery of Łódz, symbolically represented as a greatest hits of all the most identity elements anybody can and in the city at first sight.

The perspective game leads to a construction which is readable only from a static, central point of view, denied at any movement of the viewer.
Things left unsaid are all the other city narratives, hidden at rst sight, which can be found out moving around the factory and peeping from its windows: stories of unborned futures, hidden presents or forgotten pasts.

The exercise intends to stimulate to seek for narratives, to listen to city stories, to spread them through the search for a language able to sew them together.

The theater machine allows the spectators to break through the fourth dimension - a urban drama in which time, immagination, memory, autobiography and invention collide.


falsemirroroffice & friends

Gloria Castellini
Filippo Fanciotti
Boris Hamzeian

Damian Granosik
Agnieszka Łatak
Robert Zapała
Karolina Kowalczyk
Emilian Nagiel
Karolina Szczepara
Olga Rosinska


OSSA 2018 Workshop