VICEVERSA mag | research project | 2019

Have you ever felt lost in the middle of "laissez-faire policies", "de-regulation", "fordist modes of production", or "neo-liberal urban policies“?

How often do you get up in the morning feeling that irrepressible need for images, styles, forms and a glittering touch of "eleganza extravaganza"?

What a bore! Stop the drama and leave the white square for a while. We have a new brand product ready to cheer you up!

Play-city© is a brand new slide puzzle game conceived to celebrate the umpteenth return to "the useless invention of new forms". The 1st edition set includes: 48 unique slide puzzles for figurative architectural languages of the city, 400 blank tiles ready to be filled with your own ideas of "informal urbanism", a couple of dices and instruction.
Slide the tiles around the board in order to compose your own stylish picture of a "figurative city". The image will be unlocked as you play, but only the most worthy will SEE these beauties!

Happy sliding!


Andrea Anselmo
Gloria Castellini
Filippo Fanciotti
Giovanni Glorialanza
Boris Hamzeian