Tales from the Archipelago

ETEROTOPIA | La Maddalena IT | workshop| sept 2018

Trough the substantial support of Pascal Arnaud we analyzed, visited and discovered the archipelago in its complexity: landscapes, history and stories form a critical image of this diverse land. With this new and local knowledge in mind we developed a narrative through a map of an imaginary archipelago narrated in four different mytical stories, each one of them is an interpretation and re-signification of the real facts happened in those lands and seas. Those stories are divided in a grid according to their dystopian or utopian approach and they are tagged with on active or passive message.



False Mirror Office
Pascal Arnaud

Zara Adler Sánchez
Waldo De Keersmaecker
Melania Fusco
Antonella Gentile
Daria Kleymenicheva
Joonas Parviainen
Aleksei Snetkov
Angelo Trinca
Ruggero Vultaggio