This is not a SILO.

Barletta IT |  NUDGE 2.0 | 2021

False Mirror Office’s contribution to NUDGE 2.0 - the default of architecture for Antilia Gallery, curated by Profferlo.

The harbour of Barletta is not a destination.
It is an inevitable stop-over on an ocean crossing by a handful of sailors questioning the nature of Architecture as a language. Between the ballet mécanique of the cranes and the béton brut of the industrial warehouses, the sailors see the silos of Barletta, and those silos immediately become other silos because THEIR EYES SEE, they see in them a fragment of the history of architecture.
The silos of Barletta are the grey silos of Canadian and American harbours built by nameless zealous engineers to feed a continent.
The silos of Barletta are the whitened silos - magnificent FIRST-FRUITS of the new age - transfigured into simple and beautiful forms brought together in light.
The silos of Barletta are also the silos of the heroic modernist symbolism unmasked and thanks to this unmasking they are substitued by new symbols: some of them ugly and ordinary like a Golden Smart cigarette enlarged to the scale of the landscape; others instead memorial of the classicist symbolism like the drum of a column, but ultimately demoted because that column is either kitsch, or Egyptian or simply in polyurethane foam.
The silos of Barletta are all these silos together but also every other silo, in its image and in its all possible meanings. Once the semantic game opens up to other linguistic codes, finally, the silos of Barletta are simply in a few letters, ready to be combined and decomposed into rebuses and any other creative writing game: S-I-L-O.

And only then the sailors can set sail toward new horizons.