CARNETS: Coming of Age

IUAV | Venice IT | lecture| may 2018

From CARNETS’ press kit:

The personal interviews developed in the first stage of the project have traced multiple trajectories, some of them quite parallel. This has permitted to deduct that the interviewed architects show an heterogeneous and metamorphic appearance, not only regarding the different approaches and diverse cultural backgrounds, but also for the multidisciplinary mindset towards the architectural discipline. In order to describe this condition, we have chosen a precise expression: Coming of age.

This term refers to a life stage in which experimentation, contamination, travels, wins, losses, exploration and theoretical researches take place, independently from anagraphic age. In an Architect’s life this term refers to a stage beyond the childhood period of university, but before an adulthood phase which seems to be continuously postponed, where the practice generally establishes itself in a more specific behavior towards the architectural discipline. Coming of age must be intended as a temporal, yet untitled territory.

This term allows us to section reality with a double approach: the first poses reflections on the contemporary scenario, while the second tries to put these phenomena within an historical perspective.



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