Hendelser på Nyhavna

Trondheim NO | Festival| JUN 2016

Extracted from Festival’s press material: 

“You are now visiting a city that is important part of Trondheim's proud harbor history.
A district of rich present and diverse use; with port operations, industry, production and cultural production.
A neighborhood with beautiful sunsets and unique proximity to the water.
A neighborhood with visible traces of stories, and a neighborhood with stories just told can, like the one about the Florida coast, the long white sandy beach, once upon a time.

You are visiting a city that is likely to face major changes in the coming years. What if these stories are revealed and amplified? 
What if the culture, with the already over 100 cultural workers in the area, helps make Nyhavna a living district for children, young adults and old?
What if Newhaven's new stories are created together?
The City of Trondheim City Development Project "A Blue Thread", Faculty of Architecture and Visual Arts at NTNU and Cirka Theater, all have a close relationship with Nyhavna and have often discussed these issues with each other in the last year.

Along the way, we discovered that many are concerned with exactly the same, not least the city's creative artists who have their production facilities here. Now we are working together to turn the inside of the district out and invite young and old in Trondheim to a joint discovery trip, June 11th from eleven to eleven. This would not have been possible if Trondheim Harbor was not with us on the team.

We hope to enchant you in Trondheim's unknown district.

We hope you visit Nyhavna and engage you in Nyhavna's future after 11 June, and the discoveries we make together will be good building blocks in the further development of urban areas. In this program you can read more about what's happening under Events at Nyhavna.

We look forward to sharing the day with you!”