La Cameretta

Unfolding Pavilion | Venice IT | Exhibition| MAY 2018

Between the end of WWII and the 80s, Italian architects faced the need for new housing blocks to accommodate a population that was growing fast. This long period saw the construction of largely ugly suburbs, with only few examples of good architecture. Gino Valle’s social housing on the Giudecca island is one of the best and most poetic of such exceptions. This was the expression of a State that tried to give a home to all its citizens, especially to those who were going to start a family. Today, this vision is completely out of time: firstly, because Italy doesn't invest in real estate anymore, and secondly because, as demographic data suggest, Italian households are nowadays mostly composed of a single person.

This is why the kids' room in Valle's three-storey apartment symbolizes for us “the last possible kids' room”, the bedroom where we spent our childhood during the 80s but that we are not likely to design as architects nor to enjoy as parents.

We produced a piece of furniture that is half a shelf, half a dolls' house. Its design is inspired by the sophisticated section of Gino Valle's project.

This object defines the room as “the kids' room” and it is set up with toys and other memorable items from our Millennial childhood.

This playful installation aims to loudly states that our generation (as architects as well as citizens) should not give up trying to provide quality houses for everyone.

“La cameretta” is a project by: False Mirror Office, gosplan, LINEARAMA, pia, UNO8A

81 millimetri (Ivan Berton, Lucia Lina Repetto)

ALL WOOD & Special Materials - Genova

Dimensions and materials
175 (L) x 35 (W) x 95 (H) cm, colored medium density fiberboards (Valchromat©)

Technical requirements
The piece of furniture has to be placed on the floor, as a free-standing object in the centre of the room. No technical/technological support is needed.