on (post)digital drawing

RIBA | London GB | lecture| may 2018

Hear from architecture practices who are redefining post-digital architectural representation.

After decades of absence, drawing has returned to mark a transformation in architectural culture. In the 1990s boom of computer modelling, glossy, pseudo-photo-realism images of soon-to-be-built projects were the accepted form of representation. Now, a ‘post-digital’ mode of drawing has taken on a graphic quality, where collage is at once digital and hand drawn, rendered and etched.

Part painting, part assemblage it conveys narrative cues and art historical allusions.

Hear from practices who are using complex graphic collage to communicate the social, cultural and political environments for their projects.

Sandra Youkhana and Luke Caspar Pearson - You+Pea
Ana Luisa Soares - Fala Atelier
Hikaru Nissanke and Jon Lopez – OMMX
Gloria Castellini - False Mirror Office

Chaired by Sam Jacob.

This event is part of the exhibition Disappear Here: On perspective and other kinds of space, view the full season of events.