workshop | Banca del Fare | 2021

is a workshop that reflect on the role of a local mythology and urban rituals in today’s lay society, in order to define new urban fixtures for contemporary explorer.

Participants are asked to depict urban visions through an exercise of visual storytelling, eventually evolving them into site specific installations in the form of lay devotional shrines; during the timespan of the workshop we will discover events from the local history, alter them to the point of becoming Myths, and eventually imagine new public Rites derived from them.
The workshop will result in five interventions, halfway between art and architecture, set in Monesiglio’s squares; “a series of gymnastic exercises for the mind ” will bring the history of Alta Langa closer to the events that populate the memories of its inhabitants, unlocking its long-dormant urban identity through an exercise of mis-representation of reality.

Through a series of conferences, Monesiglio evenings will be animated, day by day, by lecturer who will present utopian projects, irreverent performances and temporary interventions that actually help defining the identity of cities. Grouped in twos, participants will produce two different art- pieces: an evocative image of the Myth and an even more evocative physical reproduction of the Rite derived from it. The production technique for the images will be digital, while the models will be produced with mixed techniques, according to the aptitude of the authors; such models will be limited in size in order to standardize the results ensuring, at the same time, their production in the short term.

The last day of the workshop will feature a live performance, set in Monesiglio itself: in a lay procession, participant will present to inhabitants and bystanders their new Rites and Myths, temporary installing their models directly in the city space. In those bewildering events, ephemeral performances, colossal-scale installations will be deisplayed; the assembly of personal objects, beloved toys and unrelated props in those miniature versions of Monesiglio’s squares will result a form of inaccurate reproductions, in which to fuse the biographical and the collective dimension.


false mirror office & friends

Filippo Fanciotti
Giovanni Glorialanza


Paolo Bianco,
Julia Garcia Sanjuan,
Ali Haktan Macit,
Chiara Loi,
Filip Marcetic,
Cecilia Marcheschi,
Rohit Nandakumar,
Alessia Siggia,
Siar Velioglu Veli,
Kristián Vnučko

Paolo Bianco (coordinator)
Banca del Fare
Parco Culturale Alta Langa
Comune di Monesiglio