The Great Beauty

OSSA 2017 | Wroclav / Niemcza, PL | Workshop | sept 2017

OSSA, which stands for Polish Meeting of Architecture Students, is a bottom up initiative with nationwide range. It is organized annually by students for students. For twenty years OSSA workshops have been influencing new generations of architects in Poland and for some students it is the key event in every year of their education. OSSA evolved from informal meetings to week–long workshops for architec- ture and urbanism. Nevertheless, the spirit and original statements remain unchanged.

The final products of the workshop are projects which are presented on the last day of the event. Designs are prepared by groups of 7–10 students who are guided by tutors. In contrast to other workshops the project is not imposed by the tutors. It is always the result of week-long discussion and group work. Leadership of the group can be conducted in different scenarios.
Form is free and therefore always surprising. Students prepare movies, city interventions, studies, pavilions, masterplans, installations, art or products, which are their answer to the main theme of the workshops.
Informal discussions help to broaden horizons of both participants and tutors what, as we believe, is a key element to understanding and implementation in the work of an architect.

The performance reached an effective result by making participants wonder again about the topic, shifting the focus on the research of the Great Beauty itself, on the tension towards its attainment, rather than on a tangible result.

In the end we do not know if a/the Great Beauty truly exists, but if it does: is its pursuit so meaningful?