Utensiliary for O.u.t.s.i.d.e. platform

Balkan Aarchitecture Biennale | Štab Gallery | exhibition| 2017


The utensil denies the zoning principle of traditional architecture, calling for the return of the free plan: the definitive loft condition.

The utensil is made of modular crafted pieces, designed to absolve a set of multi-functional purposes; each utensile is openable and closable, constantly changing its position and configuration in space: it is ultimately flexible.

The utensil breaks the boundaries between Architecture and Design, regulating its own environment: it is a space-definer.

The utensil embodies the Vitruvian triade: It is firm and solid, it is useful and functional, it is appealing and beautiful.

OUTSIDE: Self initiated Projects

Today, in the context of market driven society, architectural practice is commonly perceived as a service, rather than a practice of conceiving space and relations. For this matter, as an act of rebellion, architecture seeks for new, different ways of practicing the issues of content regarding space and society.

Within contemporary conditions, initiating an architectural project without any predefined assignment whatsoever implies thinking and conceiving architecture as an opportunity to envisage and design spaces, structures and relations from a critical point of view, while at the same time seeking for the newness, which is immanent to architectural practice.

The aim of this exhibition is to show a part of this production, and to offer a common ground for this rather unconventional practice of architecture. We see this exhibition as a chance to promote and expose new practices in and approaches to architectural design.



BAB 2017