BluePrint Competition

open competition with PIA, uno8A, GOSPLAN | Genova IT | 2016

Blueprint is the former title of the vision for the city given by Renzo Piano Building Workshop on the 23rd of September 2015 as a free contribution to the future port, industrial, planning and social development of Genoa.

It is an overall design that leaves ample space for more detailed definition and, just like the copies of construction site plans, it is a vision of the development of the city, after which competitions are held for the construction of the different design areas.

This study, which examines the portion of the city from Porta Siberia to Punta Vagno, expresses a vision that, just like a blueprint, has the right immediacy to draw a harmonious relationship within port and city, building a bridge between citizens and operators’ demands, between those who ask for an environmentally sustainable development and those who hope for an increase in viable activities within the harbour and Fiera del Mare.

With the Blueprint, Genoa will again become a seaside city. Just as the recovery of the Porto Antico, redesigned by Renzo Piano, has allowed the historic centre to find a way to overlook the sea, The Blueprint, by opening a channel which connects the Porto Antico to the Fiera, will help to overcome the separation between the city and the sea caused during the development of the port after the Second World War.

Rather than fill in the sea to claim more space, the design plans an opposite process where valuable space and water are both reclaimed.

At the core of this proposal is the will to stress the limits of the call: half of the requested mass requested is in fact shifted on the plot of the Pavilion S, altering its program and structure, while the north part of the lot is freed up from big structure. A bet on quality driven public space design, sewing up the Porto Antico area with Corso Italia, as stated in the original BluePrint.


Andrea Anselmo
Gloria Castellini
Filippo Fanciotti
Giovanni Glorialanza
Boris Hamzeian

SPIM Genova,
Comune di Genova
Autorità Portuale di Genova

site: 90.000 m2
: 11.000 m2
hotel: 15.000 m2
10.000 m2